Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Prediction

I'm not much for looking to the future (too unpredictable) but in the present moment, I've awakened this morning knowing (from where?) that the great American Republican middle of Republican moderates is breaking up, and this middle is aiming to vote, one to one, for President Barack Obama, because these people, decent, loving, investing and stalwart, know a trend when they see it and put their money there. There's a surge developing from the moderate Republicans that most will not tell anyone, because it feels almost treasonous to own it, from their point of view, but, still, I feel it happening. Moderate Republicans are going to vote for Obama because, strange to say, the alternative is exactly what THEY don't want now: more of the same repudiation. Conservatives are discovering that the true centrist voice in this election is Obama! Hoo-Hah!

I'll go further: the downward spiral of the stock market will continue until Obama wins: then, such a dramatic surge upward, as the smart money comes back to the market, knowing that the transformative President will make things, if not easy street, at least BETTER. These people understand and watch world trends as well as internal economics: the world is awaiting a triumph for the world, and that will push the market. You watch. After President Obama wins, there will be the most amazing upsurge of the market that anyone has ever seen.

I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid!

[CenterDoug Notes: 11/19/08. Didn't happen. I must remember not to make economic predictions, which make me both crazy and stupid. Sorry. CD]

Gracias, Doug Evans Betanco

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