Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pure Democracy in Action

[CenterDoug Notes: after two months of intense political activity--not since 1976 have I carried a candidate sign, though I've always voted and marched against the Rocky War in 2003--after all those phone banks and door knocks and sign-shakes and letters and blogposts for Obama, I've "Sayonara'd" my CenterDoug's Obama Blog now that he's going to be President, I'm sure for 8 Great Years. It'll remain up there at as a testament to my service to this Transformative President and his Transformative Presidency. Maybe I'll publish it, as it is timely. I even sent the Obama National Blog a lengthy tome of political philosophy that flew out of me, full-blown and amazing, down in Center three weeks ago [ ]. All in all, I posted almost 30,000 words of encouragement, high-road tactics, analysis, insight, along with some ludicrous folly. I think it's worth a read in the cold of winter coming, if for no other reason than to connect to the empowerment of the moment we are feeling now. It's also a chronicle of my own rather eccentric evolution as a contemplative activist for the American Democracy. CD]

Pure, Principled Democracy in Action

This 2008 Presidential Election, besides, I think, restoring the potential of America to Americans on the ground, also electrified the "Cultural Creatives" here, who've been living and evolving, mostly out of politics and under the media radar, for many silent years. Who? Oh, you know, "Them," the long-haired crazy rainbow hippies of the Sixties and their children, raised to believe that Principles acted out in front of and in us are more important than the American economy to the health of our global humanity. 50 million adult Americans, most of whom have not heard of this nebulous almost "virtual" group, have been quietly transforming the world every day by transforming themselves into empowered, present-moment, authentic people, whatever their walk of life. Most of those principles are in the masthead note on the Title Page of this CenterDoug Blog.

I'll be spending some time here, in the next few weeks, exploring the paradigm shift that most Cultural Creatives have been working towards: to move the world from the bottom up to elevate the principles of balance, mutuality, connection and gratitude, out of the greed, egotism, and parochialism, past the massive abuse of the human condition as well as of our Planet Earth to which we are witnesses in treacherous times. I do believe that shift in consciousness has already happened--or at least a tipping point was reached in the results of Election Day 2008. I'm quite convinced that the swing voters and workers and new registrants in this election are mostly Cultural Creatives who jumped on the Obama bandwagon because Obama speaks with the voice of the Now, and we all heard it and moved mountains of past karma aside by upholding the principles of Equality and Tolerance in America.

More, later. I have to get all those yard signs off my line and write an article for the Post.

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