Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peruvian Amazonians

Well, having gotten back somewhat intact from Nicaragua during swine flu emergencies and plenty of fusbal games, it's strange to be back to Blogger, but, here I am, and now I am totally immersed in the mostly unreported crisis in Peru (June 5-7) where the National Guard nixed 60 indigenous people seeking to protest the development of the Amazon Headwaters in Peru, their heritage, a direct result of Free Trade Agreements with the US. Sad to say. The extant FTA policy promotes the decimation of the Amazon Headwater Rainforests--and the destruction of tribal lands where there had been NO TOUCH before, and--yikes, these people need not to be touched, by our rather poisonously-progressive culture.

So, I'm pushing for Obama mediation in this crisis, to begin his quest for Latin American partnership and to protect my breathing past tomorrow, since the Peruvian Amazon Headwaters, which should be a World Wildlife Park, undisturbed, is a major lobe in the "lungs of the world." For more on this issue, check out my CenterDoug's Obama Blog.

Gracias, CenterDoug

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back From Nicaragua, Again

Goodness knows, it's been a long time since I visited this spot, but, for some reason, I was blocked from the site when I tried to get to it, down in Northern Nicaragua. God only knows why? Anyway, I'm back in the States now, it's June, with a bunch of new insights, but, mostly, a sadness because one of my friends among friends, Dave Harmon, passed on in May, while I was still in Teote. Harmon introduced me to Teote back in 1993, selling a Third World/First World compassion trip to Nicaragua which changed my life. This blog is therefore dedicated to the memory of don David Harmon and others who gave their hearts and (some, their lives) to foster liberty and social justice in Northern Nicaragua. When I finally settle into Glenwood Springs once more, I'll be working to build a place of reflection in honor of don David up on Spring Valley Campus, CMC, where he helped students to empower themselves as global citizens for 25 years.

Gracias, don David! CenterDoug