Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great Rally, Great President!

I am very proud of both my US Senator Michael Bennet and my 21st Century Rock Star Presidente Primero! The Denver rally I mentioned earlier was uplifting and so packed, I got a bit claustrophobic and retreated to the back of the room (where the view and air were better) but farther from the rope line. I would have loved to shake their hands and tell both how great they are doing as 21st Century leaders in ultimately trying times. President Obama, as usual, demonstrated transformative consistency, clarity, rationality, focus, and eloquent, shining charisma.

One thing from him I particularly remember came as an answer to a very loud "Give Them Hell, President Obama!" from someone in the crowd (referring to the mindlessly partisan obstructors of needed progress on Health Reform). Primo Pres immediately answered back: "I won't give them Hell: I'll tell them the truth and they might think it's Hell." Profund, better than Harry Truman, and right on the money, exactly what America needs from its transformative President.

I've been wearing my Obama Inauguration T-Shirts, ever since.

It's funny: I had some comments to my last post which indicated to me that some people read my "21st Century Rock Star Presidente Primero" title for Obama as some kind of slur. Believe me, I am his number 1 FAN, and consider my sobriquet to be the highest of compliments to this great man. We need 21st century leaders who can handle a Rock Star's celebrity with aplomb and grace, as our Primo Prez consistently does!

Gracias, ObamaDoug

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've bought tickets to a political rally for Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) at which President Barack Obama will speak, in Denver. It's at the Fillmore Auditorium on 2/18 and I'm sure it will be SRO. I used to attend outrageous rock concerts at the Fillmore in the '60's, with everyone including me looking like the cast of "HAIR"! Now, I get to stand (and leap for joy) and clap and holler for our Primo Prez, our 21st century Rock Star Presidente Primero! Hooray!

Gracias, CenterDoug

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello, Again!

I'm still not calling myself "ElizabethDoug," but I do love living under Ponderosa Pines, redecorating my apartment, and developing my love for symphonic music and, especially, grand opera. This coming Saturday, I'm being taken by my lover to my first live opera, Rossini's The Barber of Seville, at OperaColorado in Denver. I'm dressing up because it's Opening Night, and, even in casual Colorado, that must mean something. However, I believe it is the first time I've worn a tie in 25 years! Spiffy me!

Things are developing in friendly fashion with my brother Bill upstairs, a surprise to everyone we know, since we used to compete and bicker, being male twins. Seems to work quite well these days. I'm also spending more time with my kids, though most of January, after the seasonal parties, etc., I mostly hibernated in my cave under Bill's house, enjoying the seclusion and solitude. I usually am a recluse in the winter, but not an unhappy or bitter one. I need time to grow myself and to focus on and love me, so that I can love others more effectively. A good deal of journal writing, dream catching, and some sensational imaginative living went on in January and will probably continue in February as well.

While I still communicate with the family Betanco in Nicaragua, it's not the same since I made the decision, for health and personal economics and safety, not to revisit Nicaragua. It feels a bit like Isak Dinesen's Out of Africa: when she left Kenya broken-hearted and busted, she never went back. I also intend to move on forward, though I'll stay in touch.

Sayonara 'til next time.
Gracias, CenterDoug