Friday, October 10, 2008

College Students and Senior Citizens for Obama in Significant Ways

Here's the Obama-maniac 2008 again,
all fired up with enthusiasm--If you don't know, "enthusiasm" is from the Greek, and means "inspired by the God in me," and that's certainly where I am in the Now, and loving it, and thanking Barack Obama and his excellent team and me, for it.

I learned today that Garfield County, CO, the epicenter of the new natural gas and energy industry in the nation, is also the epicenter for the outcome of the Presidential election, according to US Senator Ken Salazar (CO DEM), visiting the epicenter of America's beauty, Glenwood Springs, with former Governor Romer and State Dem Ray Rivera, .

I believe it--I'm CenterDoug, after all, sometimes from the Center of the Universe, and Barack shares this space reflectively with me, I'm sure--and I know from the tumult of people who showed up today that the powers-that-thoughtfully-be are moving en masse to our side, regardless of their declared party affiliation. In Glenwood today, downtown, a pickup truck with a huge sandwich-board sign in its bed reading REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA 2008 cruised Grand Avenue all day! CRITICAL THINKERS, UNITE!

If there were ever an election that needed to be approached with critical thinking and logic, rather than blind Party devotion, it's this one!

If you'd like to help make this evolution of American Democracy happen--from the ground up melding with the intentions of the top--just call up or walk down to your local Obama Headquarters and say, "I'll give an hour or a day for the next three weeks or promise to mention the SMART CHOICE 2008 at least 15 times in my every day conversation." Become a part of the miracle as the American people retake and reshape their Democracy, vote by thoughtful vote. Gobama 2008!

People who have come on board for Obama report to me that their level of self-esteem and empowerment as American citizens has tripled, quadrupled, gone universal, even, with the knowledge that, finally, we're backing, as Senior Citizens, as College Students, as Americans, someone we can truly believe in to live up to his campaign promises.

The room in Glenwood Springs today had about 100 people, far more than have ever congregated, except for election night Donkey parties when everyone had to drink in the new--dratted--Republican era of the moment, unhappily, in this itty-bitty, but ultra-significant village in the Rockies.

Not this time, friends.

At least a tenth were Seniors and College Students, both demographics that have not seen a political meeting much or ever. EVERYONE WAS ON FIRE FOR DEMOCRACY, FOR A CHANGE. THIS is very significant, here in the State of Colorado, which, more than likely, will decide Obama's victory in November.

I'm going to make it happen. It'll help my universal balance account. How about you?

Gobama 2008!

Gracias, CenterDoug

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