Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harried Grace

"Harried Grace"

A day of hectic but--amazing for this old codger--centered buzzing around my incredibly disheveled home, all boxes and bags and piles of T-shirts, my hive! Here's what's happened today:
1) downloaded software I need in Nicaragua and the drivers for my portable printers and camera; 2) emailed Presidents of this or that, and other friends from all the world, all-stars, all; 3) learned how to store and export photos; 4) went nuts (mildly) twice over glitches with programs, made sane only by playing Harry Belafonte; 5) edited the previous blogs again (a continuous process, as I am shaping this as a publishable book; 6) did laundry (summer clothes in midst of winter) to pack; 7) sent off a box of second-hand, cleaned-em-up-myself stuffed animals for the Betanco kids (about fifty) in Teote; 8) learned gmail; 9) set up some money market accounts; and 10) figured out my budget for the trip [all told, this trip will cost me about 4300 dolares, total (flights, food, spending money, gifts) for three months in Paradise].

I guess you could say I've learned multi-tasking from my millenial students.

As we are having the snowiest local winter in a while, here in Colorado, in the middle of a long-term drought, 90 degrees in February sounds well worth it. Not to mention the joyous welcoming brazos and kisses from at least fifty gorgeous youngsters, crawling out of the adobe-work, in my family alone, plus blessed reunions with all my adopted brothers and sisters Betanco (ten), mi madre y padre Betanco, bless their thriving hearts, and a thousand hermanos in the greater town. I'd say I end up with the best end of the bargain, in all seven directions.

Oh, I did something else today. From morning on and all day through, I just filled up with gracias for it all, and now send it on to you. Consider this a grateful love hit, from


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