Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Attitude Healing, Quickly

"Attitude Healing, Quickly"

7 days to take-off. I just got a heart clearance from my main medico, Dr. Greg, who first caught that I'd had a heart attack sometime before my sabbatical to Nicaragua in 2000 from his intuitive hunch that I needed an EKG before going; then, this happy food Nazi, as my ex-wife used to call him, helped me through angioplasties and three stents, defibrillator placement, and severe depression over my cardiac condition. He's marshalled forth gallantly to convince me to change my ways towards health after years of abuse; increasingly, our work together is really paying off in increased energy, self-esteem and an amazing addiction to endorphins, all relatively new to me, the sedentary paper grader of old. Gracias, kind and faithful healer, Dr. Greg, of Glenwood Medical Associates.

Good health, for most Americans, means lifestyle change, supporting new, higher-laddered values of reasonable exercise; nutritious, balanced eating; and, for me, mutual group collaboration, complete with a weekly weigh-in, to handle addictions. Plus, personal commitment to change, and, for me, help from the U. No one is in this alone, yet I shake my head to think of all the years I gained, then lost, then gained even more because I refused to join a weightloss support group or to ask for help. At least, now, there's room between my smaller butt and the arms of the airplane seat when I fly to Nicaragua, though I'm still set to look like the beachball at a hardbody convention there. Ah, but wait! When I return, I will have lost 30 pounds of leftover flab by following my own sage advice. Even now, I do jiggle less like Jello as I walk.

Gracias, CenterDoug

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