Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've been in Colorado now for 6 weeks, after 3 months in Nicaragua. I've spent most of that time gardening with a frenzy, writing with a purpose, and playing, playing, playing, like a boy freed from school for the summer. Perhaps retirement is second childhood, but the creaks of age, when I bend over to lift a plant, remind me to stay in the Now. The price of gas here, 4 bucks a gallon, astounds the cheapskate part of me, though I know it's almost ten in Europe. I'm spending far less time in my car, walking far more often. My garret has been transformed to a monk's cell of simplicity (compare accompanying foto with the same view in January, before my trip, at the bottom of the foto column). I had to get to clarity of vision in my own living space, so my guest room has become a storage room of glitzy stuff, art, and process center for a Porch Sale at Palmer House in late July or early August. Check the fotos of my garden in Spring!

Gracias, CenterDoug

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isarrk said...

I love your reading chair sanctuary the best.
Becky (: