Thursday, May 8, 2008

Freezing in Arriba

I'm home to Glenwood. It's May 7, still very cold by any Nica standards, and everything has changed, remained the same. How strangely comforting and familiar, to realize that what might have been tumultuous and disorienting, not so many years ago, is grinning-calm, solid and triumphant.

Gracias for my happiness.

There's so much to write, now, a 3 month journey that somehow exploded, a tin tomato-juice can of firecrackers--and, yet, no one got hurt, especially me. I got everything I asked for.

Except Internet access. Be grateful, everyone of you, for that miraculous blessing of instant Google. I planned and paid to have it, but, No! So I grew instead from inner springs. Por favor, forgive me my almost Blog-less April!

Here's all the changes:

1. I was completely warm down there, even though Colorado got 100 snow days.

2. I saved my entire pension for three months while living like a PHARAOH OF EGYPT in Nicaragua.

3. Everyone I touched down there, grew.

3. What I didn't want, happened, and I made it better.

How simple. How complex!

Gracias from don Douglas, now in Glenwood Springs.

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